All of the current webkinz pets of '08

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All of the current webkinz pets of '08

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 02, 2008 2:53 pm

All of the Webkinz!
In Alphibetical Order..

Alley Cat Tabby Cat
Basset Hound Basset Hound
Beagle Hound
Black and White Cat Gorilla
Black and white cheeky dog B&W Cheeky Dog
Black Bear Bear
Black Cat Black Cat
Black Friesian Black Fresian
Black Lab Black Lab
Black Poodle Black Poodle
Brown Arabian Horse
Bull Dog Bull Dog
Bull Frog Spotted Frog
Charcoal Cat Charcoal Cat
Cheeky Cat Cheeky Cat
Cheeky Dog Cheeky Dog
Cheeky Monkey Cheeky Monkey
Chihuahua Chawawah
Chocolate Lab Choc. Lab
Clydesdale Pinto Horse
Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniel
Collie Collie
Cow Cow
Dalmation Dalmation
Duck Easter Duck
Elephant Elephant
Frog Frog
German Shepherd German Shepard
Gold and White Cat Orange/white Cat
Golden Retriever Golden Retriever
Googles Googles
Gorilla Gorilla
Gray and White Cat g&w cat
Grey Arabian Grey Arabian
Grey Wolf Grey Wolf
Hippo Hippo
Horse Horsey
Husky Husky
Kangaroo Kangaroo
Koala Kawala
Leopard Leopard
LIL Alley Cat Tabby Cat
LIL Basset Hound Basset Hound
LIL Black and White Cat Gorilla
LIL Black Bear Bear
LIL Bull Dog Bull Dog
LIL Chihuahua Chawawah
LIL Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniel
LIL Cow Cow
LIL Elephant Elephant
LIL Frog Frog
LIL Gold and White Cat Orange/white Cat
LIL Golden Retriever Golden Retriever
LIL Googles Googles
LIL Gorilla Gorilla
LIL Gray and White Cat g&w cat
LIL Hippo Hippo
LIL Horse Horsey
LIL Koala Kawala
LIL Lion Lion
LIL Monkey Monkey
LIL Panda Panda
LIL Penguin Penguin
LIL Persian Cat Persian Cat
LIL Pig Pig
LIL Polar Bear Polar Bear
LIL Poodle White Poodle
LIL Pug Pug
LIL Rabbit 00
LIL St Bernard St. Bernard
LIL Tiger Tiger
LIL Tree Frog Froggy
LIL Unicorn Unicorn
LIL White Terrier White Dog
LIL Yorkie Yorkie
Lion Lion
Love Frog Love Frog
Love Puppy Love Puppy
Monkey Monkey
Panda Panda
Pegasus Peagusus
Penguin Penguin
Persian Cat Persian Cat
Pig Pig
Pink and white cat P&W Cat
Pink Pony Pink Pony
Pink Poodle Pink Poodle
Pinto Brown Horse
Polar Bear Polar Bear
Poodle White Poodle
Pug Pug
Rabbit 00
Raccoon Racoon
Reindeer raaaa
Seal Seal
Snouser Snouser
Sherbet Bunny Sherbert Bunny
Siamese Cat Siamese Cat
Spotted Frog Dotty froggy
St Bernard St. Bernard
Tie Dye Frog tie;;
Tiger Tiger
Tree Frog Froggy
Turtle Turtle
Unicorn Unicorn
Velvety Elephant Velvety Elephant
White Terrier White Dog
Yellow Lab Yellow Lab
Yorkie Yorkie


Tiger Snake
Bengal Tiger
Brown dog

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